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1st month 98.00 € from 2nd month 49.00 €
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OFF DRINK® - Your drink for natural and restful sleep

Natural support for your sleep and your health

OFF DRINK® is your reliable companion for restful nights and a healthy lifestyle. Our innovative drink is based on purely plant-based ingredients that are carefully selected and processed to the highest quality. It helps to alleviate sleep disorders and improve your overall quality of life by supporting and regenerating your body in a natural way.

The OFF DRINK® formula

The unique formula of OFF DRINK® combines the power of nature with science-based knowledge to give you the best possible sleep. The synergistic effect of the ingredients ensures that they complement and reinforce each other, resulting in overall more effective and harmonious support for your body.

Relaxation and sleep: Hops and valerian are known for their calming properties. They promote relaxation and help you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. These two plant extracts work synergistically by supporting natural sleep patterns and improving sleep quality.

Energy metabolism: Vitamin B1 and other B vitamins play a central role in your body's energy metabolism. They support the conversion of food into energy and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. The combination of these vitamins ensures that your body can regenerate optimally during sleep and that you start the day with more energy.

Cell protection: Beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant and protects your cells from oxidative stress. In combination with the calming and regenerative effects of hops and valerian, beta-carotene helps to protect the cells and regenerate the body.

Blood circulation and performance: L-arginine improves blood circulation and can therefore increase your physical performance. In combination with the calming effects of the other ingredients, L-arginine ensures optimal supply to the muscles and organs, which is particularly helpful in stressful times or during high physical exertion.

How to get the most out of OFF DRINK®

Directions: Dissolve the powder in 200 ml of water about half an hour before going to bed, shake or stir briefly and drink. For optimum results, we recommend taking one drink a day for the first 24 days and then 12 drinks a month to maintain the condition.

Continuous intake: Continuous intake is important for a lasting improvement in your sleep and general health. You will achieve the best results if you take OFF DRINK® regularly over several months.

The advantages of OFF DRINK® summarized

  • Improved sleep: The calming effect of hops and valerian helps you to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more restfully.
  • More energy: The B vitamins it contains support your energy metabolism and help you to master the day with more energy and vitality.
  • Protection and regeneration: Antioxidants such as beta-carotene protect your cells and promote the regeneration of your body.
  • Increased performance: L-arginine improves blood circulation and can increase your physical performance.

Your path to better sleep starts here. Discover the benefits of OFF DRINK® and experience the positive effect on your sleep and your health.