Relaxes, regenerates, detoxifies and provides new energy


Did you know that every second person is now exposed to too much stress, has trouble getting up and/or sleeps badly?

We have therefore set ourselves the goal of developing a purely herbal supplement to counteract these symptoms. After four years of intensive research in collaboration with ETH Zurich (one of the top 10 universities in the world), we are now presenting our supplement to you. OFF DRINK® has been proven in studies to improve quality of life.


OFF DRINK® is made exclusively from purely plant-based organic ingredients and without sugar.

All ingredients come from Europe.

OFF DRINK® formula

OFF DRINK Trinkflasche


A special hop variety grown exclusively for us in Germany. Has a calming effect, supports digestion and reduces inflammation.


Valerian can promote relaxation/sleep, can relieve anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality and has sedative properties.


Thiamine (vitamin B1) boosts energy, strengthens nerves, improves mental functions and supports the metabolism.


Promotes blood circulation, wound healing, and supports immune system; enhances energy, training performance, cardiovascular strength.


Support energy production, can strengthen the nervous system, improve mood, promote brain function.


Strengthen the immune system, can promote skin health, have an antioxidant effect, can support vision and cell protection.

Competitor comparison

What makes OFF DRINK so unique?

In over four years of research and development, we have examined hundreds of hop and valerian varieties to determine which combinations of the individual varieties and vitamins in which dosage achieve the best effect both in the sleep phase and in the sleep-through phase.

Most competitors in the field of sleep promotion and stress reduction arbitrarily mix ingredients that are assumed to have an effect. Neither the extraction process nor the variety, dosage and combination of ingredients and varieties are sufficiently tested. The result is products that have little or no effect or may even have the opposite effect.

OFF DRINK® is probably the only product on the market that, in addition to its sleep-promoting properties, can also detoxify and support health, performance and menopause. 


Long-term tests with various customer groups

Increase in quality of life proven by study

Hundreds of plant varieties researched

Perfect dosage and combination of all ingredients


No or hardly any tests

No or hardly any correct studies

No or hardly any research

Mostly arbitrary dosing

OFF DRINK® has a peach flavor and tastes slightly bitter.

OFF DRINK® application 

1st month

24 days an OFF DRINK® per day.

from the 2nd month

12 OFF DRINK® spread over the whole month.

OFF DRINK Einnahme


OFF DRINK® should be consumed about half an hour before going to bed. Dissolve the drink powder in 200 ml of water, shake or stir briefly - and you're done.

Our research has shown that optimum results are achieved when one OFF DRINK® is consumed in each of the first 24 days. This detoxifies the body and allows it to relax and regenerate. We then recommend consuming 12 OFF DRINK® per month, spread as evenly as possible over the entire month. We also recommend a targeted intake before particularly stressful events such as exams, travel, etc.


The reaction to the different ingredients can vary from person to person. The sleep-promoting effect can be felt by most people after the first drink, as the latest studies show that valerian works immediately. Optimal sleep behavior is usually achieved after 1-4 weeks. In terms of its effect on health, well-being/quality of life, performance, detoxification and menopause support, however, OFF DRINK® only becomes fully effective when taken regularly over a period of 3-6 months.

Thousands of customers whose quality of life we have improved.

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